About Me

I was born in Orem and have loved having Utah County be my home for most of my life. After graduating from Orem High, I attended Utah Valley University with a 4 year, full academic scholarship. After taking a break to serve in Mexico City, I returned to UVU and graduated Cum Laude with a BS in International Business Management.

My most important discovery during my time at UVU was my now wife, Tregan Roney. She is the most pure, caring, beautiful soul. She is a wonderful wife and mother of two wonderful baby boys.

During my final semester at UVU, I began working part time at Rock Canyon Bank, a community bank headquartered in Provo. I have spent my banking career working with small businesses in the state and have been lucky enough to be awarded as a top SBA lender in our thriving state.

I have also enjoyed starting and investing in multiple businesses. My business mind and experience will be extremely valuable to Provo’s council.

I currently serve on the board of directors for the Food and Care Coalition in Provo. In addition to serving the community, this experience of managing budgets and working with the committee, executive committee, and sub-committees will be invaluable as preparation for a councilmember role.

Outside of working and serving, I love to play. I love games and I love the outdoors. Playing golf is at the top of the list, but I love all sports and exercise. I enjoy taking advantage of the nature available to us. Snowmobiling, skiing, hiking, fishing, all things outdoors.

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