Whatever that looks like for you, it is the most important thing. I believe that a few of the most important factors for the family are education, recreation, and arts. It is my largest priority to ensure that Provo remains a phenomenal place to raise my children.


I have dedicated my career to small business lending. I know that small business is the lifeblood of a community. Provo is full of small businesses and entrepreneurs and I plan to be an advocate for them. It is easy for one to say they are pro-business, but I am actually shoulder to shoulder with our entrepreneurs every day as their trusted financial partner.


In my personal, professional, and service roles I spend a lot of time reviewing budgets and analyzing revenues and expenses. As with all budgets, it is important that we are clear and transparent with our prioritization, then responsible and committed to our implementation.


Each neighborhood in Provo has its own unique priorities. What a great responsibility it is to help protect residents’ homes. There are many reasons why you chose to find peace, joy, and safety in the home you did. My desire is to listen to the respective neighborhoods to help protect your quality of life.


I have spent my life in Utah County. Before beginning to serve on the board of the Food and Care Coalition in Provo, I don’t think I knew how many people are homeless, hungry, or hurt right here in our backyard. While we all value hard work, accountability, and striving for the American dream, I believe we must also have empathy for those in need. Using the proper procedure and channels, we can help lift up those in our community when they need us most.

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